Turnaround time is about 7 working days to process an order. Do note that shipping time/transfer time is not part of this estimation.

For Mail in orders (only registered mail)

Please send to

CGS - 1collectibles
511 Guillemard Road
#02-20 Grandlink Square
Singapore 399849

For local Drop-off

1) CGS@ 1collectibles (Mon-Sat 3pm-10pm)
511 Guillemard Road
#02-20 Grandlink Square
Singapore 399849
Contact number: 94882156

More locations will be added soon.

We offer express services as well with a faster turnaround time.

As mentioned in our pricing information, we charge equally for all cards and do not charge any extra if the card’s market value is higher. However, as we understand that you might seek the peace of mind while your high-value card is in transit, you may consider purchasing one of our insurance options to add on to your grading request at checkout to protect your order(s).

Currently, we only use DHL or Fedex with International Priority.

We currently are equipped to grade only “standard size” trading cards. The dimensions of the “standard size” are 2.5 by 3.5 inches (64mm by 89 mm) and the thickness is 0.012 inches (0.31mm). Currently we are grading Magic the Gathering, Pokémon and Flesh and Blood. We are adding Duel Master to the list soon.

The population refers to the overall number of cards of a specific variant that we have graded since the point of inception of our database, while population report refers to the actual statistic of where your card’s condition stands in comparison to all others within the population. For example, if we have graded 10 copies of a particular card from Magic: The Gathering, and one of them is yours and happens to have the highest grade of the lot, then your card will be at the peak percentile of the population. In the population report, this information will be publicly visible, and we’d be just as happy as you to show it off to your friends!

Yes we will! We are currently only accepting customers from Singapore and nearby regions but we are working on our way to Europe and North America, and eventually… Worldwide!