Submit Trading Cards

We are currently only accepting submissions of 24pt trading cards, we will be expending our range in time to come!

Current accepted cards
- Pokémon
- Magic the Gathering
- Flesh and Blood
- Duel Masters

  • Why should you use a grading service?
  • Why use CGS?
  • How are we different?
  • What is included in our report to you?

Why should you use a grading service?

- Protect your cards from damage
- Encapsulate your cards, preventing further deterioration from age
- Immortalise your prized cards to the public
- In-depth reporting on your collectible
- Protect your valuable collectibles from damaging UV rays with our UV-protected casing

Why use CGS?

- Based in Asia, we aim to be Asia’s top grading resource for all things collectible
- Quick turnaround time, especially if you are in Asia
- Team consisting of veterans in the collecting community
- Consistent, transparent and impartial
- Simple submission process
- Charges based on turnaround time irregardless of the card's declared value

How are we different?

- We highlight the flaws of the card condition, supported with clear pictures
- Crafted grading rubric analyzing up to 10 unique aspects
- Images available for downloading for your use immediately after grading is complete

What is included in our report to you?

- Pictures of your collectible card, in all 8 standard grading positions
- Population report on where your card lies in the total population count
- Downloadable images for your use
- Elaboration on key factors leading to your grade